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what is christianity?


      Well, to me, Christianity is the life that I've found in God.  My webpage is titled "In memory of our dearly beloved tyson tan supasatit" as a reminder to myself and intellectual stimulant to others.  To become a Christian doesn't mean going to church or doing good, but rather choosing to live for Christ rather than for ourselves.  No one is able to do enough good deeds to erase the apprehension and guilt from being separated from God.  However, God did provide a way for everyone to enter into relationship with Him again-- that is by accepting His payment for our sins through Jesus Christ.  

      There is no other way to come to God.  Though we may see and experience the good things that God has created (our spirituality, family, friendships, nature, etc.), we will never have true peace and happiness until we come to the one and only God.  To know and love Jesus puts everything else in perspective, even if I may not comprehend everything entirely.

      So, to know and love Jesus is Christianity.  Nothing else.  "In memory of our dearly beloved..." is only a bit of dry humor to remind me that I need not strive to do reconcile myself to God, but realize instead that the old effort and striving is done with-- THANK GOD I'M ALIVE IN CHRIST!  Not only did Jesus die for our sins, but He rose from the dead as well, conquering death.  Like the hymn goes, "and because He lives, I can face tomorrow.  Because He lives, all fear is gone.  And because I know, I know He holds the future, this life is worth the living just because He lives."

      You don't have to be a super-good person to come to God.  All you have to do is say simply, "Dear God, please take the old me away.  I want to live a new life with You.  Even though I might not know everything about who You are, I want to start now."  It's simple.  God really exists and cares deeply about each and every person.  Please feel free to email me at if you want to share your experiences with understanding and searching for God.  Jesus loves you!