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left-handed people in the left-handed club

    You too can apply to join our club.  Just place your hand (the left one) on the screen and promise to use the right-side of your brain more often than the left.  Then, email me a good image of yourself along with justification of your left-handedness.  Honor and distinction awaits you!

    Mr. Chaiseeha in Vancouver BC, March 1999.  The place to renew your US visa is down the street from this cafe, but JJ is already a citizen, being born in Houston, Texas some 20 years ago.  He is a long-standing and respected member of the left-handed club.

    Miss Evi Syariffudin is powerfully poised at the church camp over a year ago.  She's pretty cool... you should email her.  If, by chance (or not by chance, but by God's providence), you should happen to reside in Austin, Texas and attend the UT there, then I now obligate you to contact her asap.  

    My Grandpa Nickell, along with my grandmother and mother sometime ago in a far off place, when the world was monotone.  I have a sneaking suspicion that my grandpa is pretty special and well-deserves the distinction of being in the left-handed club... being left-handed of course.