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  History     Siew Hua Lee served with the International Fellowship in Bangkok before moving to her post as The Straits Times Washington, DC Correspondent.  After the Hope of God, North America camp in August, 1998, the vision to plant a seed church in our nation's capital was birthed.  After Pei Shih joined her later that year, the two began the pioneering work for starting a church.  From the beginning, God has been working, using many people from many Hope churches around the world and in America in this church, as a model of international cooperation and unity in our effort.

Church Profile   *
    Though a young church full of people with diverse backgrounds, Hope of God, Washington, DC is unified in a goal to turn the heart of the nation back to God's grace.  Just as Jonah did the work of the Lord resulting in the salvation of Nineveh's rulers and people, so the mission here is to bring the nation back to repentance by showing an example of God's grace through the church.  Currently, the membership is made up of mostly single, working professionals who attend our two caregroups during the week.  We have Sunday morning services and regular out-reach programs.

Uhope Campus Group
    Because the church is small and still in a growing stage, it doesn't yet have any university students.  If you are considering Washington, DC for studies, please email Tyson Supasatit for assistance in finding a school and place to stay.  We welcome you to join us in our church.

Washington, DC     Because of its position as the nation's capital, many national organizations and institutions headquarter themselves in Washington, DC.  The city has a very international diversity as well as great significance in American history.  The climate is hot in the summer and cold in the winter, though there isn't too much snow.  The city has an extensive and well-run Metro subway system that many people use for their daily commute.  Washington, DC is near many other major U.S. cities, but also offers scenic beauty and out-doors activities in the area.  Housing, and other cost-of-living expenses are relatively high, but there are many suburban areas that offer safe and lower cost living within working distance of the Washington, DC metro area.