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  History     Pastored by William and Lan Ao, Hope of God, Vancouver, BC is the first Hope church in Canada.  

Church Profile
    Hope of Vancouver, BC is a church that loves to worship God and leads people to experience God in everyday life.  They hold regular Sunday services and have different caregroups throughout the city.

Uhope Campus Group
    Though there are not many university students in the church now, Vancouver is certainly a good place for a strong and vibrant Uhope.  There are many international students studying there, waiting for God's call to repentance and salvation.

Vancouver, BC     Vancouver, British Columbia, is the most beautiful city in North America.  It has an interesting history and exciting atmosphere.  Seattle is a three and a half hour's drive south, across the border.  Vancouver, BC also has attracted a large population of Hong Kong Chinese who have and will continue to greatly influence the city.