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  History     Hope of God Church, Seattle, was pioneered in 1987 by Dr. Varun as the first Hope of God church outside of Thailand.  During the first few years, a core team formed, consisting mainly of new converts who now are the elders of the church.  The church moved from place to place until finally moving to the current location in the residential community of Mercer Island.
    During this time, Hope of Seattle has borne fruit in sending people to help pioneer churches in America and Japan.

Church Profile   *
    Currently, the chruch is functioning as the "mother" church for the North and South America Region.  There are approximately 200 members with a Sunday morning service of 220+.  Nearly 20 caregroups meet throughout the Seattle area: youth, university, family and professional groups.  Uhope, Chope and Ghope are the college groups, growing in the university, community college and graduate student communities, respectively.  In addition, there are many fully developed and developing ministries available to serve in.  Hope of Seattle Worship Team welcomes new talent as well as worshiping hearts.  For those who enjoy acting and on-stage production, the Drama Team works together constantly to perform skits and plays for the different church services as well as special evangelistic out-reach activities.  Hope of Seattle provides an excellent environment for spiritual growth and function, and the Pastoral Department organizes quarterly workshops in addition to the special caregroup teaching and Sunday Word-for-Life class.

Uhope Campus Group  *
    Uhope campus group takes responsibility for pioneering and developing a system for university out-reach in America.  Because the United States draws the best students from around the world to its colleges and universities, Hope of God, Seattle understands its role in building up a coherent system for pioneering, building and growing the university group in country.  Success in this area is vital to fulfilling God's Great Commission to "go and make disciples of all nations."  The aim is to not only build-up and prepare American students for missions abroad, but also intend to ready all of our graduated students to join pioneering efforts, domestically and internationally.  Of course, this includes the International Student Group, who already have been successful in reaching many international students for Christ, as well as sending them back to their home country to plant a church.
    To the student considering coming to study in America, or the American student considering moving to Seattle to study-- please contact Dwayne Anderson for help in finding a school and place to stay.  We welcome you to join us.

Seattle, Washington     Seattle is the most beautiful city in America and is bordered by large fresh water lakes, pine-forested and snow-capped mountains, as well as the Puget Sound, a large inlet from the Pacific Ocean.  The climate is temperate, with warm summers and long, rainy winters.  Large scale natural disasters are uncommon.  People are relaxed and friendly and the city environment is fairly safe.  There is a great ethnic diversity, with many Latino and Asian immigrants arriving in the last few years.  A nice one-bedroom apartment around the University of Washington will cost upwards of $700, but there are many opportunities to share a place with some roommates.  The population of the greater Seattle area is over 1 million people and outdoor activities are popular and readily available.