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  History     Hope of Portland began as a small student caregroup and has grown since then to a well-established church of diverse cultures and peoples.  Pastors Vern and Eureka Lim moved from Seattle to Portland to shepherd the church and it has grown since then.  

Church Profile
    This is a church that has a strong evangelistic mission, supported by a strong love and fellowship amongst the membership.  They have an established core team and sunday worship, and the church is definitely poised for future growth and blessing to the city.

Uhope Campus Group
    Much of the leadership in Portland is young, and the started from college students.  Though they don't yet have an official organization on campus yet, the church already is very comfortable with student out-reach.

Portland. Oregon     Portland and its sister city of Vancouver, Washington, are situated near the mouth of the Columbia River.  It is only a three and half hour drive to Seattle, and the two churches often travel to visit each other.  Portland is famous for its outdoors activities and easy-going social atmosphere.