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  History     The seed of our Hope church in Columbus, Ohio was actually planted on the other side of the world, in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Christine was part of the International Fellowship in Hope of God Church, Chiang Mai, and responded to the challenge of the leadership there to pioneer a caregroup in Columbus when she returned to continue her studies.  Since then, the church has started Sunday services and continued to zealously share the gospel, especially reaching out to the campuses of Ohio State University and Columbus State Community College.   They have been especially successful in reaching out to international students.

Church Profile   *
    The church is in the pioneering stage and attracting mostly students.  Kaylen and Chrissy invite you to join them in reaching out to those who need Jesus and sharing the vision of what God has for this nation with the city.

Uhope Campus Group
    Uhope in Columbus is very nebulous, like a cloud of gas condensing and ready to combust.  Since most of the people are students, the church itself is sort of like a Uhope.  If you are a student considering studying in Columbus, please contact     To the student considering coming to study in America, or the American student considering moving to Seattle to study-- please contact Dwayne Anderson for help in finding a school and place to stay.  We welcome you to join us.