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    A year ago, I bought a goldfish bowl.  Now I have two tanks and some fish in a pond outside.  These little guys are really cool!  All goldfish have been derived from a simple carp through several thousand years of slow selective breeding and small-scale evolution.  Yet, even though they look amazingly diverse, all goldfish are able to mate with one another and produce yet another hybrid.

    I always find, however, many christian attributes of these goldfish.  They are always hungry for more food and they are dependent on someone to feed them and provide a good enviroment to grow in.  So, many times when I feel tired or down, I look at my goldfish and realize that perhaps this is something of how God sees me.  He knew that I live in a dirty tank that I continue to pollute.  Our world is always made messy by the mistakes and sins (compared in my example to goldfish waste and parasites) in our lives.  But God knows the best way to keep everything clean and healthy.  When He came down to die for us, He made a way for us to have true life that doesn't depend on procreation, getting rich or having people please us.  Instead, we lay those things aside, dying to them the same way Jesus died on the cross.  Only then there is the peace and joy and freedom and everything I would feel if I were a goldfish in the best aquarium in the world with all my favorite goldfish friends.

    These goldfish I have pictured here are our of a book I have, but I'm trying to get a some good photos of my own goldfish to show you all.  

okie, now I have pictures of my own goldfish.