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    These are some of our dear friends who attended the wedding.  Thanks to everyone who blessed Peishih and I during our marriage, including those of you who could not attend.

    Dwayne and Jocelyn Anderson
    Lip-jen Chew and Henry Yap, our good Malaysian friends!
    Henry Lew
    LiYe and XingQuan
    Peishih's old university friend, SimMean, and Doreen, from KL
    Chrissy and Suwat from Columbus
    YingHong and YueLin, some of the first members of Hope of God Church, Washington, D.C.  Julie (XinXin) is their daughter.
    Friends from Sweet Basil Thai Restaurant, where Tyson used to work as a waiter.  Pictured (left to right) are: Claudia, Noi, P'Dee, Yui, Danielle, Peishih, Insan, Tyson, Jim, Phonsan, and Sean.
    Amir, Grandma Pellowski, Peishih, Tyson, Grandpa Pellowski, Dennis. (Grandma and Grandpa Pellowski "adopted" Peishih when she was studying at the university.)