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people who are english majors

    These are some of my good friends, some people I look to as an example and others who I feel something of a brotherly affection for.  Actually, the English major is nothing as for as degrees go, but the people who persue such a major usually demonstrate distinctive characteristics other than a penchant for correct grammer.  Definitely it must have something to do with literature, the aspiration and romantic ideal found in many books read during the formative adolescent years.  Alone, this type of idealism is not so good, but God has made everyone unique and can bring out a great fruit from something otherwise fruitless when people are cultivated in His kingdom.

    Pei shih Kao, a good sister originally from Kuala Lumpar.  She graduated from Winona State College in Minnesota not too long ago and has been in Washington DC the past year.  A great inspiration to everyone.  "...spurring one another on to love and good deeds."

    Jocelyn Choy graduated from Puget Sound University here in Seattle and is a caregroup leader in our church.  She drives a red Honda Civic and usually is pretty good.  I try to tell her what to do from time to time.  This picture is from one year ago at Alki Beach.  Everyone is dancing and Ponsak is playing guitar.

    This is my good cousin, Jasmine Lynn Nickell.   She lives in Alaska and attends the University of Alaska at Fairbanks, majoring in English of course.  If you are from Fairbanks, perhaps you know her... she's pretty cool, huh?