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who is God?

    In the end, God most likely not what you and I suppose Him to be.  I was talking to my cousin on the way back from the airport the other day.  Doing so, I think there can be only one truth, not an amalgamous form of partial truths.  For myself, I believe that God certainly reveals Himself to all people through the Bible and the church.  Right now, this seems like a sad statement, because even to me, the church as a whole doesn't seem like a very good example of anything.  But I always remember that it is the church that is changing and cleansing itself to reflect God, not vice versa.  If interested, read what I have to say about the Bible.  So basically, if God really exists and the Bible is true, then you all should be better christians than myself.  

   To me, I can see that most people live with some sort of moral code... there are things they would and would not do regardless of consequences.  So I ask myself, "Are we following 6 billion different moral sets, all of them true?"  Is it right to say that what is true for you is not true for me?  What I've concluded is that most likely, nearly everyone is wrong in creating moral codes for themselves.  NO MORE MORAL CODES!  Who needs them?  If in fact they can't be true simultaneously, then there must be some reason, some hope out there.  So, to me, this paradox points to the existence of God.  And not just any God, but one that is right when 6 billion people are wrong.   It's necessary that He has a set standard, otherwise it would violate the premise I found before that everyone seeks some degree of absoluteness of morality.   Everyone following me?  So there is a God that is the only one right... that's my point so far.

   So God is still not what you and I suppose or could ever understand.  After all, I didn't quite understand everything in my financial accounting class, how could I comprehend everything about God?  So I'm totally counting on Him to help me out because things are getting hairy, right?  Ok, so one day I really think about the things I'd heard about Jesus and the Bible.  Could this be the one truth that will give me hope?  I am here to tell you that I really think so.  And the best thing is-- NO MORE MORAL CODES!  But that is why I believe in christianity rather than some other religion.  I even hesitate each time I call christianity a religion, because I know it to be so much more.  I've taken you so far as to follow my thinking on the existence of God.

 Whenever I get another hour or so, I'll put up a link to a "what is christianity?" page.